Intech Growth
code-IT is a part of Nirmiti 2010 which is a national level event held in PVPIT,Budhgaon college.

the event is undertaken by IT students in the college who chose to Volunteers.

This website was designed so that the Code-IT C participants can review the quiz review and answers. THE DECISIONS MADE ARE FINAL. Any claims for error in our system will not be entertained, but if want to help me with bugs in the quiz software, or wrong answer, .. please mail me at


I would like to thank other Code-IT members.

Vivek – for helping me with questions. 

Rohit – for verifying answers of each question.

Avinash – for managing our failsafe as printout for quiz.

Rashmi – for managing a lot of on the spot stuff.

Aniruddha,channbasappa,amrut,Ritu,shruti – for handling event.

Ritu,shruti – for managing registration and certificate handout.

AND also very thanks to Glimpse members. for their help.